Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Extreme Golfing Bit #2

I knew almost immediately that I was in deep trouble. Even if it wasn’t for the vague memories of being dragged under my arms floating in and out of my head, the fact that I was tied to a pool table gave it away. I was spread eagle my hands and feet tied around my wrists and ankles to the corner pockets. Most of my clothes were missing. I was left with just my jeans and underwear. What underwear am I wearing? I thought to myself. It's not my Spongebob boxers is it?

I opened my eyes, only to be half blinded by the lights. Squinting I could tell that I was in some kind of side room to a bar. The stupid pictures of local scenery and the stench of cigarette smoke betrayed it. As well as the dart board with two darts still in it and the chairs, seat-up, on the tables; except for one which was down on its feet. A smouldering cigarette lay dying in the ashtray beside it.

I clenched my muscles, testing to see if I could tell if I’d been raped yet. Everything seemed fine.

As I squirmed, testing the ropes security, I could feel the velvety surface of the table top against my naked back. I felt around the ropes too, trying to find out what they were made from and if there was any weakness. There was too! The knot at my left wrist wasn’t tied nearly as tight and I set to untying it immediately.

I heard footsteps.

I stopped squirming. I could hear the thud, thud, thud of the man’s purposeful strides coming up the hall. I imagined my captor to be one of those walrus like business men that had a smoker’s chuckle and would insist on giving the secretary a ‘friendly’ slap on the behind whenever she bent over to retrieve a stray office utensil. I was surprised, however, when the door opened, to see a stunningly average man of about twenty nine. Brown hair in disarray, an angular face, pale blue eyes with a sadistic glint to them and beaming at me like I was his childhood dog returned, he reminded me of a deranged uncle.

“Ah, you’re awake!” He said clapping his hands together.

“Well congratulations, Captain Obvious.” I drawled, I needed to keep him distracted from my left hand.

“Now, now, Ryan, no need to get cheeky.”

“How’d you know my name?” I asked calmly, I hadn’t had any ID on me so it was puzzling.

“Oh I know all about you. And Shawn. Janice keeps a picture of you two, says you’re her kids… The caption on the back tells us different.” He smirked looking me up and down “Tell me Ryan, will he be worried?”

“Yeah, he’ll be worried sick.” I misinformed. He surly couldn’t be talking about the picture? Although no other even existed. “Cos you see this isn’t the first time I’ve cheated either.” I added hoping that if I played along he’d let me go. Apparently this was quite transparent.

“I’m not untying you.” He said flatly. Though I was almost done with the knot.

“Worth a try though wasn’t it?”

“Not really…” he looked out the window. He seemed like he was waiting for someone. Or a group. Christ I’m gonna be gang banged!

“I’m horny.” Or maybe he wouldn’t wait. “How about you suck me off you little cumslut?” It didn’t sound right; people saying that outside porn movies.

“Well I could…” I started “but can you give me any good reasons not to bite your dick off?”

He paused for a second. “I’ll kill you if you do.”

“Great! Then you’ll be a dickless murderer.”

“I’ve killed before.” He said impassively.

“Still be dickless.” I pointed out. Wondering how he got away with murder in as small a town as this.

“I don’t think you’re nearly scared enough.” He informed. And in fact he was probably right. I was too busy for fear.

He withdrew a knife from somewhere and flicked out the blade. Now I was a little scared. Especially after the whole “dickless” idea.

“Oh I’m gonna make you scream.”

“Thank you, much appreciated.” I said nodding.

“You’re a smart arsed little prick, aren’t you!” he sneered as he jumped up on the table, his knees between my legs and his bad breath in my face.

“I like to think I have a smart arse, yes. It’s probably smarter than you anyway.” I gasped in air as I felt the knife rip across my arm.

“I’m gonna fuck you good, bitch, it’s their turn for sloppy seconds.”

“Sloppy seconds?” I asked incredulously, I didn’t think people actually said that. “What am I? A school dinner?” I’d managed to distract him long enough to undo the rope. I was untied! I don’t think he’d noticed; he was trying to undo my jeans, oddly pulling the zip down first. I slipped my wrist out of the untied rope as stealthily as possible and reached into the pocket as he started grabbing at my belt furiously trying to tear it off. I was going to be proper fucked (literally) if there were no balls in this pocket.

“You’re going to love my big dick, fag boy.” He said sounding almost comical.

“I’m sure I will, but I should warn you I haven’t taken a shit in a while.”

He stared at me blankly for a second “You people make me sick.” I slammed a red ball into the side of his skull then dragged him by his hair off the table. I grabbed the knife that he’d abandoned and cut the rope at my other wrist. He popped his head up at the edge of the table so I swung the knife around at his face. I didn’t stop to see what damage I’d done I just cut my left foot loose. He grabbed that foot and I turned around briefly noting that his cheek was gashed and bleeding. I kicked away from his hand then cut loose my other foot. In one swift movement I rolled of the table and landed, cat-like, on my feet facing the man, leaving the table separating us.

There was a door directly to my left that stood open. I could make a run for it but he’d catch me. I needed a way of getting a bigger head start. But there was something I wanted to ask him first.


Luke said...

Wow, sex, violence and golf. What more could one want from their blog fiction. :) Look forward to chapter 3.

orian57 said...

Sex? I don't recall writing any sex. To be honest not a hell of alot of golf goes on either. As for violence pleanty more is comming up. but you'll need to wait untill #4 or #5 for anything aproaching horrific. Also it's technically not chapters, I never wrote it as chapters (I'd origonally intended a short story but it's outgrown itself), I've just cut it up into postable "bits". Also, also thanks for the comment! I likesss commentsesss. =] Also, also, also: Uncyclopedia?